Jo’zzy aka “Dope by Accident”

Brian Byrd April 25, 2013 4
Jo’zzy aka “Dope by Accident”


"A Interview with Jo'zzy" by Lisa Newton

Q: Where did you get the name ‘Dope By Accident’?

A:  Jo’zzy is the writer side and ‘Dope’ is the artist side. It’s another side of me – the more artistic side. Its not a alter ego though.

Q: Jo’zzy is the writer side? You write your own music? 

A: Yes. I want my 1st Album (Twenty 90’s) to be intimate. That’s not to say that I wouldnt want to have someone write for me – but with this album – I wanted it to be authentic so you get to know me right off the bat.

Q: What’s it like working with Wizz Dumb?

A: Dope! We from the same city; Memphis. He got a crazy attitude so it works. When we work together it comes out naturally. We never had to be stressed.

Q: How did you meet Timbaland?

A: Wizz is his protage. Wizz was talking about how he needed a song writer. Even though I never wrote to Wizz’ beats I thought I couldnt pass this up. I flew down to Miami for what I thought was 1 week and thanks to Missy and Tim it turned into 2 years.

Q: Brian Byrd told me he will never forget how you two met. What does he mean by that?

A: (Laughs) I was at the Hit Factory and Tim was working with my song so I was already stoked about that. Wizz introduced me to Brian and when I walked up to him I took his hand and grabbed his ass all in one move! And the crazy part is I walked away like it was nothin’ and he’s standing there like ‘did this girl just grab my ass?’. (Laughs) Since then, we had a dope connection.

Q: What’s it like workin with Jay-Z and Beyonce?

A: Amazing! To be in the room with them was stupid dope. Beyonce said I remind her of Ester Dean and Missy which was crazy cool. I was in shock – I have the biggest people in the game sayin my shit is crasy

Q: What happened with the Jay-Z and Beyonce leaked picture incident?

A: That was crazy! We were in the studio chillin. I was just on my phone takin pics. I posted one of them on Instagram for 2 seconds and somehow all of Beyonce’s fans found it and they freaked out like ‘who is this girl’ ‘Beyonce in the studio’. Everything blew up all over the internet and for no reason – it was just taken out of context and I felt so bad. I learned that celebs need their privacy.

Q: Do you feel like your privacy has changed?

A: Yes. Especially after the photo incident. I had to set me pages to private. I had to change passwords. I can’t give people too much. It’s just like your parents – you can’t tell them everything about you – its not about putting up a front – their are just things that they would rather not know.

Q:  Is there a producer or artist you are dying to work with?

A: Usher – I feel like he could bring R&B back to music. As far as producers – Rico Love. He worked with Usher and they compliment each other so to be with them in the studio would be dope.

Q: What is your inspiration? 

A: I’m a singer with a Hip-Hop swag. 90’s R&B is what im about. Thanks to Missy I’m an artist. People like Aaliyah and the mid 90’s music. Thats the direction I’m trying to go with my music. Putting a twist to the 90’s R&B with Hip-Hop flavor.

Q: That 90’s R&B …is that what’s on your Ipod right now?

A: Yes. I got Ginuwine, 702, Missy. Its kinda sad that the only person I’m really fuckin’ with today is Miguel, but with my Album I’m hoping to change that.

Q: The Album is entitled ”Twenty 90’s’ – Where did the title come from?

A: I’m 24 and my inspiration is from the 90’s. So I’m mixin the two worlds together.

Q: If you could get any artist (dead or alive) in a room so that you can pick their brain who would it be?

A: Lauren Hill – she dope. Missy – I could never get enough of her. Kanye West – he has mad talent. Prince – I wanna know where his mind was with some of the music he wrote. Kurt Cobain – I used some of his music/ melodies in some of my stuff. I love him.

Q: Has there been a time you felt like the process was overwhelming?

A: Yes. There has been times where I have cried. I called Missy in the middle of the night saying I wasn’t sure I could do it anymore. I caught myself watching a webisode with Rico Love and he said ‘If you want to quit – quit’ and at that moment I felt like he was talking to me and that gave me the drive to keep moving forward.

Q:  Was this ‘Overnight Success’ for you?

A: Hell no! If anyone says that – I disagree. This shit is hard. But, if you truly love it – you will stick with it. For me – there is no ‘Plan B’ all I have is ‘Plan A’ ‘Plan A’ ‘Plan A’. If it was overnight I wouldnt appreciate it.

Q: Since there is no such thing as ‘Overnight Success’ do you set aside goals for your career?

A: Yes. I do have goals. You have to or else youll never go anywhere. I have to challenge myself – gotta keep pushin’. I have achieved a lot in the past 2 years but I could never be content. Even though I went to college I feel like this journey with my album is like getting my Masters – it’s just a Masters in Music as my Dad would say.

Q: I can’t help but notice your sense of style. Tell me more about this clothing line you have.

A: I’ve always been a tom boy but I don’t forget that I’m also a girl at the same time. I can wear the Levi Jeans on top of the Boy Shorts (I will wear the hell out of some boy shorts).  My friend Russell Polk has a dope line called ‘No Love Get Money’ and I teamed up with him and created shirts with my face on them. I wanted people to be able to support me through the way they dress without dressing like me. So, the shirts was a way for people to still be individual while still supporting me.

Q: So its all about being invididual.

A: My parents let me do me. I only had to conform when I was in middle school. When I was in High School I was the odd person. Now, nobody could tell me nothin. I’m confident in who i am. And that’s what I want my ‘Dopey’s’ to do as well.

Q: Overall, what do you want people to take from your music? 

A: When you listen to my music I wanna have you not just remember it I want you to feel it. Theres a certain nod that people use to get when they listened to 90’s music that they just dont get anymore and with my album I’m trying to bring that back. I got so many songs – enough to put out 3 mixtapes. I’m so excited for people to feel that.

Q: What do you want people to take away from Dope By Accident? 

A: I’m not doing this cause its nice. I’m doing this cause its all I have.






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  1. Werd April 25, 2013 at 10:22 am -

    Jozzy is awesome!

  2. Deminicus "Sunny Dizzle" McKInnon April 25, 2013 at 11:41 am -

    Memphis in the building. I Love everybody out of the timbo camp. I talk to Jo’zzy and Wizz on twitter a few times. Just waiting for my turn here in the “M”. MUCH LOVE and CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THAT ALBUM!!!!

  3. charlotte April 25, 2013 at 11:48 pm -

    I enjoyed reading the interview. Jo’zzy has always had her own style of dressing. I love her to death and can’t wait for everything to come out!!!! Go JO’ZZY!!! #fanforlife

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